Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Visit to Layer Marney Tower

Yesterday our branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild visited Layer Marney Tower looking for inspiration to design and create our exhibition to be held in the tower between Monday 1st to Wednesday 10th August*

Colchester & Colne EG branch at Layer Marney Tower

We were incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful sunny day for our visit which made looking around the grounds a real pleasure.

Relaxing in the sun!

We were treated to a guided tour by Jackie Hughes, events organiserwho is very knowledgeable on the history of Layer Marney Tower. At the top of the 80foot tower the views were outstanding; we were told that on a particularly clear day it is possible to see over to Cambridge.

On the roof

In the church

If you plan to visit Layer Marney Tower we would recommend a tour as there are so many little stories around the tower and grounds to make your visit extra interesting: such as the mural in the church that was hidden for 300 years and found again during renovations.
We all enjoyed our visit and came away bubbling with inspiration. Now it’s time for us to get stitching, felting, cutting and bonding. Please do come along to view our exhibition.

Please note admission fees are applicable to Layer Marney Tower where the Embroiderers’ Guild exhibition will be a FREE addition to your visit.

*Closed Fridays and Saturdays

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