Monday, 18 April 2011

Norway Postcard Project

The Embroiderers’ Guild is taking part in a joint project linked with the 2012 Olympics. There happen to be the same number of branches in across the UK as there are teams in the Olympics, each branch has been randomly given a country and will be creating a set of 9 to 15 fabric postcards influenced by the culture of that country. Our branch has been chosen to create the postcards for Norway.

Yesterday Jill Carter, who was a founding member of the Colchester Embroiderers’ Guild branch, and who has spent two years living in Norway, visited our branch to talk to us about the country’s wealth of embroidery traditions, culture and landmarks.
Jill Carter is an expert in ‘Hardanger’ and  is a published author on the subject:
An example of Jill's work

Jill's books and work

Beginner's Guide to Hardanger
Hardanger Embroidery: 20 Stunning Counted Thread Projects

Jill Carter (right) with Linda Watts

Jill brought samples of her work which were absolutely stunning as well as albums full of inspirational photographs, books on Stave churches and traditional costume, pictures of the Viglandparken sculptures and pictures about the traditional wedding crowns worn by brides in Norway! The information just kept flowing and we were definitely more inspired and far more informed to start designing our fabric postcards for our project.


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