Sunday, 6 November 2011

Wild Weaving with Melinda Berkovitz – a personal view

“Dave, I need a 12” weaving frame for the weekend – could we use some of that old wood in the corner of the garden – it’s only going to be used once.”

When I arrived at the workshop, imagine my surprise when the tutor went into raptures over my frame – “rustic, natural, inspirational.” I’d thought worn, dirty and decrepit. Never mind, go with the flow.
I kept with the ‘rustic’ theme, used thick and varied threads and strings in natural colours and in the end, yes, Melinda was right, the weaving did look good in its natural frame. I have left it that way, complete with carpet tacks, chipped edges and marks.

During the day I learnt my warp from my weft, learnt to thread up a frame, incorporate beads and use needle weaving. Melinda showed how she used wire to make 3D woven sculptures, gave clear instructions and lots of individual attention, and generously shared her store of materials. We all agreed that this was a really good workshop and we had thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks, Melinda.
Barbara Bexley

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