Thursday, 1 March 2012

Felting workshop 14th Feb 2012

I’ve done lots of craft work in many different places but always seemed to miss the opportunities to do felting. Now, thanks to Michele, I’ve ‘had a go’ and made my very first piece of felt. What fun! At our last Tuesday morning workshop, Michele led us through simple but effective ways of making beads, flowers and wrapped stones, all using her range of beautiful wools. I am delighted with my wrapped stone, although the look on Dave’s face when I showed him was some-what bemused! On reflection I think I would have chosen green colours with the intention of then adding embroidery and beads to resemble a lichen-covered stone. As is my norm, I opted for bright pinks and purples but I am pleased with the result. Thanks again, Michele.
PS – mummy, how do you keep your hands so soft when they are in and out of the hot water so often?
By Barbara Bexley
Some of the finished work created on the workshop...

To find out more about Michele's felting workshops visit her site

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