Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bourne Mill Commission

The start of Lord Lucas By Barbara Bexley
As part of our commission from the National Trust for a hanging for Bourne Mill, I have been working on a portrait of Lord Lucas, the original owner of the mill. Bourne Mill was built in 1591, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when the gentlemen all had ruffs round their necks and wore short puffy trousers and long stockings - think Edmund in Black Adder! Lord Lucas obviously fancied himself, with plenty of Elizabethan bling to show his position in life. I have worked the portrait, (based on an image of him from the Internet,) in reverse applique and printed the doublet with home-made stamps and added ribbon and stitchery. No, it is obviously not finished because I want other branch members to be involved with it. So at our Tuesday branch meeting I'll ask for someone to bead the doublet, sword strap and sword hilt, someone to add a ruff, someone to then add the bobbed hairstyle and double-pointed beard and finally someone to add the lettering that Elizabethan portraits had, telling that Lord Lucas was a Knight of St John, Colchester. The lettering is important. Unfortunately Elizabethan gentlemen all looked very similar and the best known of them was Shakespeare. Lord Lucas looks very much like him! We don't want any American's out there thinking that Shakespeare wrote his plays at Bourne Mill.
By Barbara Bexley.